It’s not just
what you know,

but who you know

Specialising in commercial, small to medium enterprise (SME) and construction lending

When SMEs need finance, they usually need it quickly.  Using a finance broker helps to save time.  A broker will get to know the principals of the business, the business itself, its financial dynamics and the purpose of the finance.  Once armed with that knowledge, a broker will instantly know:-

*              how best to present the information

*              which lenders to approach

*              what security (if any) may/will be required

and will act on behalf of their clients in terms of negotiating a great interest rate, the lowest establishment fees and the best overall arrangement for each client.

There are now more than 100 financial providers operating in Australia at present.  This growing number provides a greater opportunity for SMEs, but it also increases the time needed to find the most appropriate lender.  This alone is one of the most convincing reasons to use a finance broker.

It is often the case that a good SME finance broker will provide essential knowledge to their clients to assist them in obtaining the best outcome – and in the least amount of time.  And, best of all, the finance broker does not charge you for their services.

You are encouraged to use our services for all your finance needs.  We look forward to establishing and continuing to build a strong relationship with you.

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